The software with the user interface represents the heart of the system in everyday life.

Here we want to help with structured and self-explanatory programs, pictures and processes,

that every employee can understand and operate the systems with simple and short instructions.


Furthermore, remote access to various systems may also be important.

These can can be set up
via Sm @ rt Viewer, even with network technology and VPN connections.

We would be happy to help you with your systems.



- mixing plants

- packaging systems

- supply systems

- transportation systems

- assembly lines

- presses

- production lines

- centrifuges
- plant communication

- Weighing and dosing

- Material management

- Container management / silo management

- Measure and recognize

- Camera technology sensors

- system processes

-Chipping processing


Used software:

- Step 5

- Step 7 classic

- Step 7 Tia Portal

- CoDeSys


-TIA V13 - V15

-Protool Pro

Programming languages used:





- ST

- Graph

- C

- C++                                


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